Xplosion Volleyball Club Fees for 2019/2020 Season will be $825.00

Xplosion Volleyball fees for the upcoming season will be $825.  Xplosion Volleyball Club (XVC) will offer a payment plan for those who would like to participate.  If your daughter(s) accepts an offer to be on a XVC team you will be given 10 days to return a signed contract to us to secure your spot. The initial payment of $275 will be due by December 15th. Once a player accepts a position, they will have until Dec. 1st to upgrade their OVR Memberships.

Additional Options past the Initial Acceptance include:

1. Pay the remaining balance of $550 on January 15th

2. Pay the remaining balance in 2 additional installments. If you choose this option you need to pay $275 on January 15th and  final payment of $275 on February 15th.

**A player will NOT be able to participate in tournaments until  club fee's are paid in FULL,  unless other arrangements have been made with club administration**

Club Fees Include:

  • Practice Time: Each team will have practice 2 times per week. (All teams will practice on Sunday with additional practice on either Tuesday, Thurs or Friday evenings)  Teams will not practice on a Sunday if they have a scheduled tournament the same weekend, whether the tournament is on Saturday or Sunday.  Thursday/Friday practice hours will run from 630-930 pm and Sunday hours will be from 5-9 pm at either the Downtown Y or the Coffman Y.

  • Practice Facility: XVC teams will practice at the Coffman YMCA in Springboro on Friday and Sunday. Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday practice will be held at the Downtown Dayton  YMCA as well.  A complete practice schedule will be posted once teams are finalized.

  • Club Administration Costs: tryout facility, coaching salaries, legal/administrative fees,  club/team uniforms and additional club equipment.

  • Tournament Fees: All teams will be registered for 6 regular season tournaments (2-day tournament will count as 2 tournaments). All teams will also be registered for the OVR Championship held in Columbus. That is a total of 7 total tournaments.

  • YMCA Membership: All teams will be provided a membership to all YMCA facilities of Greater Dayton for the duration of the season (~December thru May)

  • Personal Trainer: All teams will have a personal trainer for 1 hour each week separate from practice times to focus on strength & conditioning training. Exact time/day is to be determined. They will being training in December and go through to the end of January.

Items NOT Included:

  • Players will need to provide their own solid black spandex shorts, knee pads, and shoes.

  • Travel costs including hotels, meals, and gas are not included as part of the club fees.  Most, if not all,  matches will be scheduled within a 1-3 hour drive. It is possible that one overnight trip will be scheduled which will be on a per team basis.