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 June 10 club statement to Xplosion Volleyball Club members

All refund checks that were not picked up last week are being mailed today. We appreciate everyone's assistance and cooperation throughout this process.

For those of you who we saw at the check pick-ups, we appreciate all the positive comments about the way Xplosion Volleyball Club handled the process. We did our best to be transparent throughout the process and wanted to make certain we treated our members fairly. In addition to providing a positive volleyball experience for our athletes, it is important for us to be an organization that treats families the right way!

As rules on social gathering are still in place, any potential season-ending team parties will be done on a team by team basis (organized by the coach). Restaurants are still not seating more than 10 in a group, so parties may have to be held at someone's home (still adhering to social distancing guidelines) ...and we respect families that feel uncomfortable in a group setting and will understand you choosing not to participate.

We will keep both our website and our Facebook page up to date with information about the 2020-2021 club season. Please have a safe and healthy summer!

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