----Tournament Results----

13A-Savin: 2nd in Silver

14R-Ramsey: 3rd in Silver

14A-Sedensky: 5th in Gold

15R- Richardson: 5th in Gold

15A-Leach: 3rd in Silver

16R-Hadley: 5th in Gold

16A-Burton: 1st in Bronze

16A-Ferguson: 3rd in Gold

17A-Beach: 3rd in Silver

17A-VanWert: 2nd in Bronze

Tournament Schedule & Details

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An Experience That Will Blow You Away!

Refunded tournament checks made payable to Xplosion VolleyballClub LLC

should be mailed to  Xplosion Volleyball, 3025 Mountville Drive, Dayton, OH 45440

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May 5th club statement to Xplosion Volleyball Club members

Xplosion Volleyball Club is closer to being able to release refund checks to our members.  We are still waiting for reimbursement from two tournament directors before we can issue checks to our members.  These two tournament directors owe us for a total of 7 events.

A club-wide email was sent out on April 27 explaining how we would determine refunds on a team by team basis.  If you have any questions about this situation, please reach out to Kevin Sedensky via email at coachkevin@xplosionvbc.com. 

We appreciate the kind notes we have received from many of our members.  Our coaches and partners are grateful for the oustanding athletes and families that we have in our club.  As club leaders, we feel it is important for us to continue being transparent and fair to all of our members.  We are thankful for your continued understanding during this difficult time​!

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