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Returned tournament checks made payable to Xplosion VolleyballClub LLC

should be mailed to  Xplosion Volleyball, 3025 Mountville Drive, Dayton, OH 45440

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YMCA of Greater Dayton

March 25th club statement to Xplosion Volleyball Club members

We promise to continue with our ongoing communications regarding COVID-19’s impact on our club operations.  At this time, the management team of the club is looking into refunding a portion of your club fees back to you.  We still have to work with our business partners and tournament directors to determine what money will be returned to the club.  Once we have this information (and that could take some time to gather - we appreciate your patience), we will update all of our members about our plans for issuing partial refunds to our members.

We expect you will be receiving an email from the OVR which will explain that they do not have control of individual club’s.  Xplosion Volleyball believes we have always treated our members well.  We want to continue to earn our member’s trust by making certain decisions we make in the near future are fair for all parties involved.  Even though this season has likely ended abruptly, Xplosion Volleyball fully intends to continue operations next season and we hope you will consider staying with us moving forward!  If our season is indeed over, we will still encourage our teams to have team parties once it is safe and legal to do so (coaches will coordinate).

If you have any questions about this situation, or any information provided by the OVR, please reach out to Kevin Sedensky via email at  Thanks for your continued understanding during this difficult time.

----Tournament Results----

13A-Savin: 2nd in Silver

14R-Ramsey: 3rd in Silver

14A-Sedensky: 5th in Gold

15R- Richardson: 5th in Gold

15A-Leach: 3rd in Silver

16R-Hadley: 5th in Gold

16A-Burton: 1st in Bronze

16A-Ferguson: 3rd in Gold

17A-Beach: 3rd in Silver

17A-VanWert: 2nd in Bronze